Friday, January 15, 2016

First Look at Footage

Only took about a half hour to find the right cord to connect to my camera. I watched the footage from the fabulous fall dances: Celebration of Dance with the showcases by teenagers and the Mary French Memorial with Ron Gursky and Nancy Murphy, Adam Spencer and Ghislaine Lacerte. Speeches, door prize drawings and the Foxtrot mixer were also captured.
Camera faults were numerous, but luckily the newest version of Final Cut Pro has some terrific editing tools: adding light to poorly lit space and zooming in on waltzers who have drifted far, far away. This will take at least a week of editing at FCTV in Falmouth. I have to learn the new tools while I sit in front of a screen. I'm not good at sitting in front of a screen -two hours is my absolute limit!
The only way to see it is to catch it on cable TV broadcast or borrow a DVD copy from me. I will have a few besides the ones I make for the performers.

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