Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dance for Parkinson's

I just completed the online course to prepare me for the workshop to teach classes to Parkinson's patients. Very satisfying material stressed the approach to the class as an aesthetic experience. Much better than getting certified to teach Zumba.
A unit on understanding the underlying problems the participants face reminded me why I looked into it. My father had neurological problems, Alzheimers and stroke, and he and my mother joined a Singing for Parkinson's group,
 I believe my background in ballroom dance will be very helpful since I see ordinary folks, some aging into those problems. As well, the partner dancing is suggested as part of the lesson plans.
Teachers quoted as part of the material had mostly had classes with young dancers. Their experience on stage expertise will enrich the class, and the Mark Morris dancers, initiators of  Dance for PD in this country, are a great company with a lot of narrative material to pull interest.
Brooklyn this summer for a workshop.

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