Monday, January 25, 2016

Cancelled - hopefully not every week like last February!

Yeah, it was a bad snowstorm. Maybe even a blizzard. Yeah, I can stay in and do projects all day.
Okay that we cancel Ron Gursky's classes for Sunday afternoon.
But then I couldn't get out of the driveway Sunday. Dance Teachers Club of Boston workshops with Mark Nocera that I already paid for were scheduled for 9 in Wakefield.  I left a message to see if they cancelled. I was shoveling when they called back at 8 AM to say yes.
I helped Joe fix the plow. By 10 AM, I could have left and gotten there at 11:30.
Philosophical, that's me. Lost 8 hours of dancing. Luckily, I get to teach 2 hours tonight, two hours tomorrow and two hours Wednesday. Almost make it up. Plus a plan to drive to the Berkshires Thursday, that's the 3 hours driving that I missed yesterday
I went to the beginning of the Patriot's game at the Cinema Pub. Fans were hopeful and appreciative of their team's efforts, with cheers and boos as plays progressed. I had a beer.  The enormous screen was interesting. The ads were ok. In Denver, they administer oxygen to players during breaks in the action. The other team, Broncos, scored, and play got rougher, so I finished my beer and went shopping.
Lots of mark-downs this time of year at TJ Max and Home Goods.

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