Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bikram Yoga and other explorations

Saturday at 4 PM I went with a friend to "Bring a guest day" at Bikram Yoga, Falmouth. Joe was off watching the Patriots at the Cinema Pub giant screen. What a work out! We got there early to acclimate to the heat, and I think it was 90 minutes long. Seemed to go on forever. My heart rate was as high as if I were running, which I never do.
The target muscles were legs and back, my strengths, so I did well, accomplishing all but one of the exercises, near the end, a back bend when I felt dizziness coming on. Rather than embarrassing myself by possibly fainting, I chose a bit of extra savasana ( lying flat on my back).
The next day I was moderately sore in the low back, not pain, but the tenderness of overwork. On Monday, the legs told me they had done more than usual as well. (The usual is 15 squats, 15 wide squats, 15 plie/lean to the side, and 30 lunge pulses per side.)
The abs were not sore at all. I do Pilates 100s every day. Or maybe it was the Tabata interval training a couple of weeks ago that put my stomach muscles in a mild cramp for 5 days.
Glad to have tried it, but yoga is still not for me.
Joe had enjoyed an exciting game. I was exhausted. Saturday night at home.

A shoulder weakness seems to show up occasionally, so I was looking at the personal trainer options, thinking my daily routine could include something that would help balance my musculature. Blast! is cheap but too loud and far away. Fitness Company is closer and not too expensive, especially since my health insurance wants me to join, i.e. pays for $150/year.
However, remembering my brilliant daughter-in-law is an exercise physiologist/anatomy teacher, I asked Ali for an evaluation yesterday. I get to train my serratus muscles, supports for the arm as well as connecting to the ribcage. No weights needed.

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