Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Cabaret

The Silver Screen Soiree (Adam in Chatham Production) was great fun.
Some ballroom dancers wanted more dance time for themselves, but as long as you could stay until the end on a Sunday night, Bart Weisman's music offered good rhythms.
Sixteen dance numbers featured Adam showing off his students' hard work and talent in ballroom inspired duets and Naomi's Tides Dance Company. Solo dancers displayed Tap, Modern, and Middle-eastern dancing.
Highlights for me: Adam as a life guard with Joanne disguised as The Shark, doing a Paso doble? to the Jaws theme song, (plenty of humor throughout the show), and Adam as Edward Scissorhands dancing with Barbara to the spooky, sad waltz music from that movie.
Special awards were in order for the winners at the recent Commonwealth Classic Competition in Burlington where the studio, Adam, and Jodi Nolan excelled.
Chocolate abounded on the dessert table - how can you go wrong?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

December weekend

We have plenty of choices this first weekend in December. Friday, I went to Yarmouth and led the CCBD dancers in some West Coast Swing. That is a tough crowd to teach to - too many levels of dance expertise. We had fun.
In Falmouth, it has been Christmas by the Sea with Church Fairs in town, Renaissance Fair in Woods Hole, a Christmas parade and my dance up at the Conservatory. Luckily the theater guild's Christmas Carol was an early show, so there was no fight for parking.
Some dancers went to Boston to bring the grandson to "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" at the Shubert. More may have gone to the Nutcracker there. Cape Cod Dance Center puts on their Nutcracker next weekend.
On Martha's Vineyard, The Yard presents a Nut-Cracked jazz production, highlighted on The Point, with discussion of community involvement. I wish we had such an active non-profit dance enterprise in Falmouth.
Tonight, I will check out Adam in Chatham's Silver Screen Soiree.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dancing for our Aging Population

DAPpers is what Rachel Balaban calls her initiative in Providence. Connections to the Mark Morris program Dance for Parkinson's (registered trademark) brought me to a class yesterday at the Newport YMCA. The class on Cape has seemingly dissolved. Modern expressive dance done mostly in a circle was fun and easy. Only 6 students, but she has classes of 30 in Providence. Dance does better in the cities.
The support of the Dance for Parkinson's showed in songs and dance moves she presented. I could start with on-line training, and continue through a set of courses, travelling to Brooklyn, then attend 10 Dance for Parkinson's classes before applying for certification etc, onward through the $$$. Hmmm. Part of the course is how to set up classes through non-profits.