Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Smoothing things out

First the dance floor, which is getting its usual refinishing after a summer of events. This year, we are filling the nail holes before the touch up and polyurethane. I almost had it done. The rain will make it harder.
This morning, I took off for the Yarmouth Senior Center in the pouring rain. 9 AM meeting? No! It was a 3 PM meeting, so I have to comprehend those procedures over the phone and email.
A new class at night school is going well. One of my students says it's like the Dance Fit they are offering at Yarmouth and our Falmouth Senior Centers. I need to make it work for stretches without a bar or mats.
Finally, Ballroom II students had a bad case of 1,2, Cha cha chi. I don't think I am going to overcome that for all my love of 2,3, cha cha CHA.

Friday, September 25, 2015

CD, CDR, hard drive etc.

As usual in my lifetime, the newer technology is pushing the old technology out.
Now packs of recordable CDs occupy one shelf at Staples, and no special sales either.
I got a bunch at a rummage sale, but I'm not sure they still work!
In case not, I have ordered another set of 50 Philips brand from ebay.
Giving people dance music is important - not with a flash drive, either.

I still think CDs are pretty good. I remember dragging my feet to even start using them!
Last year, I tossed all the cassette tapes - deterioration was evident.
The videotapes are harder. I worked on those. I can put them on DVD, but what about when the DVDs deteriorate? Serious sorting has to happen soon with all my CDs, so why add to the storage shelf in my basement?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

up and coming dancers

Christopher K (age 15) and Anna P (age 14) danced last night at Betsy's Ballroom.
I won't be able to appreciate it at all until I edit the sequence to make up DVDs and send them out to participants and to local access cable TV stations. The sellout crowd loved it! I will watch it over and over to set it properly in sequence.
A terrific get together for the Cape Cod Ballroom world.
Trilogy played well. One especially danceable swing number - if only I could remember the name! I'm usually better if the lyrics can echo in my brain. Though Mary French maintained dancing without lyrics was a very good choice.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

This week

DVR was confused whether to record the finale of SYTYCD or the premiere of DWTS. It recorded 17 minutes and then switched to the other one. Didn't ask me. Of course, the dancing is better at the end of a reality show.
On Demand came to my rescue. Two new Travis Wall choreographies included one with (fabulous) Alex Wong. He and Jim  made me cry dancing the conflict of a returning absent father.
Then on Tuesday, DWTS actually did a re-run  - weird, with tweets obscuring the dancers.
Let's see. Gary Busey seems to be a complete wreck and should not stay. Paula Dean is also a mess. Tony Dovolani got another doozy, a Real Housewife of Atlanta, overly sexy and nervous. I don't need to see any of those "dancers" again.
The young man who stopped a terrorist on a French train was a pleasant surprise. I like his pro, Lindsay Arnold, Witney Carson's best friend and fellow former SYTYCD contestant.
Derek's partner is as usual, very talented. More finalist material.
For me, lovely studio classes, all different.
The basics included some sweet teens and another set of newbies who needed to figure out which foot was which. A wedding couple will be married Sunday so I don't expect to see them again. Four others enjoyed the very simple lesson I presented - just fun for them!
My faithful talent are always a joy at 8:00.
Wednesday, the intermediates are coming every week and getting better. What more could a teacher ask for?
Three more private lessons fill the week with interest and good music.
A committee meeting for the Mary French Scholarship Dance tomorrow.
Saturday, the Celebration of Dance in Yarmouth.
Next week, a Dance and Stretch at Night School will stretch my understanding.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Upcoming for me

The fall season has started in Falmouth. Schools were kind of late compared to the rest of Massachusetts which mostly started before Labor Day.
Tonight, we have choices: Ron Gursky setting up "open" work in the smooth dances at the Cape Cod Dance Center at 6:30
Afterwards, dance there or move one mile south to the Beach House for the George Gritzbach Band playing blues, 6-9:00.
September 19, a terrific show down Cape at Betsy's Ballroom, Cape Cod Ballroom Dancers' Celebration of Dance.Young competitors will demonstrate all 10 of the International style judged dances.
Night School starts Tuesday the 22nd with a new offering, Dance and Stretch, set up for a 5:30 class at the Lawrence School.  Ballroom classes follow.
Ron Gursky's Celebration of Dance Workshops are September 27. I have an anniversary party, but will get to Betsy's for the first one at 1:00.
SYTYCD is finishing up with not enough ballroom.   I think Gaby will win.
Hopefully the new season of Dancing with the Stars will keep enough ballroom. Drop that Burlesque, my least favorite style ever. I looked at the roster of "stars" and actually knew almost half.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another season nears its close SYTYCD

And my DVR was not cooperating, though it claimed to be.
So I went online.The recap was satisfying. Snarky, of course, but Jason R as a judge deserves criticism, ''Pervy McBlankeyes."
I watched the top routines as chosen by Michael Slezak on Youtube without even having to fast forward past the judges and the commercials.
I always love Alex Wong, and the Alzheimer's theme for his dance with the good little actress, Jaja, was sure to touch my heart.
I was hoping we would get an African American woman to win. I thought with the extra street dancers, we would get more of a chance, but those lovely ladies are already gone. My choice now is Gaby, whose strong features that appeal more to me than the prettier faces.
Minimal Ballroom, a casualty of the Stage/Street format was another disappointment for me. I like to see that choreography stretched. Contemporary was maybe overrepresented, as gestures seemed to be repeated, for instance, the embrace with arms outstretched rather than developing into a hold.