Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Finally, my dance

July 2015 had a minimum of dancing.
We missed the CCBD dance because we went to Montreal to view the house our son and his wife bought - tiny, run down, but full of potential. That was a trip where we forgot the passports until we were past Boston. And we spent our time with the little house. Marie-Eve takes after her father: a house you own should be rented right away, so we cleaned and staged. Short term - Air BnB because they will be working on it soon, after she gets back for a trip to Japan where she is going to draw up the plans for a building in the Philippines.
One memorable night was in Woods Hole for Flipside and then on to Grumpy's for Double D's Blues Band.
Another road trip took up last weekend, a funeral in Philadelphia. I left a house full of company to drive past NYC. Not liking the road in the summer any more.
I will drive to Yarmouth to get the key for Betsy's Ballroom Friday. 40 minutes each way.  However, I am ready to enjoy making a great casual evening Saturday.
The next week, August 7, I'll help set up for Swinging on a Star, the dance at the Falmouth Museums on the Green. solon Six and the Sapphires for music, Roland for catering.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

"National Dance Day"

SYTYCD set up their opportunity for viewers to contribute video, billed as National Dance Day, this year for July 25. Michelle Obama interviewed, so we may get to see her dance again. She likes freestyle, and her dream partner would be Michael Jackson.
I looked online at the two dance routines suggested, a beginner one by Twitch, leader for "Team Street" on this year's show. I guess I wonder if my granddaughter, age 7, would be interested. They chose one of her favorite songs, "Shut up and dance with me."
Travis Wall's advanced (twice as fast) routine was too hard. Generally, Travis Wall is my favorite choreographer because his duets are often stunning. He is leading "Team Stage" which features two male ballet dancers as well as a stunning tap dancer who shone in her two routines this week.
Catch the show on Monday nights, though using the DVR is best as the ads are annoying.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


The free computer program has helped me shorten songs: Blurred Lines, La Vida es un Carnival, I Hope You Dance, If I Knew Then, and Let's Get Lost.
I love Celia Cruz with that Salsa, but everyone gets tired.
I love Robin Thicke and the cool line dance, but line dances shouldn't go on for too long.
The other three were for students preparing for weddings. 90 seconds!
My latest father of the bride did his own research and found the Beatles "I Will" is a minute, 47 seconds. He has settled on Sweet Pea at 2:07.
The wedding preparation business gave me the busiest April ever at the studio.
Company continues to entertain us. The grandchildren are the most work, last week for 5 days, with the help of Joe's sister. My niece has brought my mother, her first trip since Dad died.
Fairy Houses at Highfield are a favorite expedition.
SYTYCD is finally done with the Vegas eliminations, my least favorite part of the show. Watching intermittently, I caught a very talented young ballroom dancer deciding not to continue because he felt ballroom would be lost in the Stage/Street format.