Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mardi Gras at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet

Third band is doing pop songs with a Zydeco flavor. Accordian, bass guitar,  blues guitar,  and drums.  Woolly Bully and some version of The Twist, mixed in with more traditional stuff.  I kind of liked the Cajun waltzes.  Oh, here's one.  Nope,  they seemed to be announcing one,  but it is a version of When a Man loves a Woman. Slow dance. I will stay on the balcony. Two ladies are attempting Viennese since there is a tripling of the slow beat.
Evening draws to a close.
Dressing up,  parade,  $14 dinners, & lots of good music.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

At home and working

I got home Sunday for 40 degrees,  but we have barely gone above freezing since. The snow is unnecessarily abundant, especially since Joe broke the plow before he left. The snow plow guys have their regular customers,  so I am on the bottom of the list.
Haven't missed any work,  though.
I have gone through 10 buckets of sand/salt now.
Work this week includes 3 great dance classes and tutoring English at the high school.  My unpaid work is my time with Ian who is still 3, and Sloane,  after school. Yay!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A couple more songs

Jim Lauderdale's I want to do everything night club two step

Que Grande es Tu amor by Optimo
Corazon Gitano by Oscar D'leon

Another evening with showcases. I'm not inspired. Good social dancing.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Thursday night

I meant to do Jammin' Jensen,  a weekly street fair walking distance from our rental. But I forgot. Dinner of a local game fish,  cobia.
Then the Crystal Ballroom in Rio (pronounced Ryo), a studio dance including a showcase,  dress rehearsal for Eileen who is going on a cruise with her teacher,  Chuck,  studio owner. She began her tango with a blindfold, almost fell,  rescued by Chuck.  Very effective. The new young man  dance teacher is well over 6 feet, very thin, not yet elegant still counting after 7 months.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Salsa at the Inlet with Joe and Shari Tessier

Best salsa night yet. The songs,  the dancers, food,  all thanks to Joe and Shari just a half hour drive north on the deserted coast road A1A.
Darte until Beso by Prince Royce
Be my Baby by Leslie Grace
Y no se Manana by Luis Enrique
We asked for a Latino west coast swing and got Represent Cuba, a favorite by (I think) Heather Headley

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Florida songs

On my Andoid phone, the device I call a brain in the palm of my hand. It's different composing with auto-correction.  The device anticipates and may subtly change my ideas. 
Also,  I just found an entry from December!
Anyway,  here in Jensen Beach,  we went to two very nice Florida dances, both Valentine themed.  Then I attended the afternoon USA Dance. I'm a member. Joe doesn't go to afternoon dances - well  maybe if it rains.
By writing down the songs I love here,  I will be able to find them when I get back to my house computer with iTunes.
Sweet Cola by Lou Began cha cha
Whatever Lola Wants by Sarah Vaughn and the Gotan Project Tango
Sung Song Blue by Neil Diamond foxtrot
Shall We Dance by Stacey Kent
Turn Me Loose by Fabian
Pause by Pitbull
Vaya Con Dios by Freddie Fender waltz

We had a few days off - movie,  Presidents Day shopping with the landlady,   fancy restaurant.
Tonight is our favorite teachers.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Snowed Out

The snowy weather has kept many a dance event from happening. Three Mondays in a row and one Ron's Sunday classes at the studio.
Happily, the Zeiterion in New Bedford was not deterred in presenting the Flamenco Vivo program Sunday at 2:00. The intricate rhythms and fiery attitude were there, complete with castanets and a whole set of ruffled dresses with long trains that the dancers would drag, kick out of the way, lift or twirl into.
Sunday evening's class at the studio ran even though the rain turned to snow.
I have a bucket of sand in my car, half a bucket on the driveway, and five buckets at the house.
This should be fine, I say, but cancelled anyway. It's about whether other people feel safe driving.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Road Trip RI

Joe took off for the sunshine state, so I went to see Randy and Kathy's new space, a former Gold's Gym. They put in a floor with special cushioning layers - so comfy on the feet. An elegant upper level has showcase and practice rooms, office space, and a balcony overlooking the main dance floor.
Kitchen area offered healthy treats, as well as cake.
Kathy was the perfect hostess on this Country night with plenty of Texas Two-step. "Dang," I said. Never did that dance, and with the low ratio of men in the mixer, I let them take the ladies who enjoy it.
Nice West Coast Swing tunes and Alan Gaskell was there. I asked him for a dance and only after we were leaving did I realize who he was. He taught a Dance Teachers Club of Boston workshop.
Thanks Dawn, for driving!