Monday, December 29, 2014


It takes more than just technique to get the sliding effect that looks so cool.
A "fast" floor for ballroom dancers, consistently smooth throughout, is not easy to find.
Depending on the usage, maintaining a surface just this side of dangerous is a science.
Weather, indoor and out, changes the foot/floor interface.
I would love to be able to study that science, but I would need my own dance floor.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Songs from the week in St Thomas

Tell Me What We're Going to Do Now by Joss Stone while I was sitting around the Marriot pool lounge waiting for some other people.  Stars by Simply Red, same. West Coast Swing vibe
Echa P'alla by Pitbull when the young people were jumping about in a group, before they all jumped in the pool many in their dress clothes, including the bride.
and earlier
Lulu's Back in Town by Marcus Goldhaber Hmmm well it's a foxxtrotty thing, pretty fast
Bye Bye Love by Madeline Peyroux where did I hear this one? Love Madeline P.
Come Dance by Theodore Fredrickson easy going Samba from the movie about a competition with ballroom, hip hop, etc

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

St Thomas

Here on a hilly island.  Not a dancing island.  Lovely wedding though dancing was minimal as well. American contemporary dancing and it was so hot they all ended up in the pool including the bride in her sculpted wedding dress. The Marriott.