Monday, September 29, 2014

Next week and so on

Onward to 4 nights of teaching, then the CCBD members dance, then Lestyn's 50th dance then Ron Gursky.
Then 4 nights of teaching and a visit to my Uncle Peter and my dance and Ron's classes.
It has been a nice break, and I'm almost ready for it. Come on, new computer, you can do this!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Summer again

Precious Sunday at the end of September, so I biked to Woods Hole and found new outdoor seating not at all crowded. Above the Food Buoy or whatever it is called now,  overlooking Eel Pond.
Next week the dancing will consume the week end.
The drawbridge is getting a lot of use today.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Support Friday

Wow has Apple been supportive!
The conversion to a new computer has taken hours on the phone.  iTunes is going to work eventually.
Product support sells. 
Now I am waiting for some conversion.
Then I will have to go out to the garden!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Computer: 8.1 vs Ellen Thursday

What do I use the computer for? Music and writing.
So far I loaded my songs onto the new machine, but they mostly won't play.
I already called apple. I couldn't choose the genre of some of the songs - they were being stored in the cloud where things are Soundtrack or Rock or Pop, not Salsa or Rumba or West Coast. I was able to download. Those ones play
And on the other front, the new Word policy is to rent us the software, $60/year, so I'm trying Google docs. Now my documents will be in the cloud.
The last computer I bought was seamless. I miss XP

Monday, September 22, 2014

Celebration of Dance

Using my tiny computer - my phone.  All my typing skills are for naught. New computer tomorrow with 8.1, not a beloved program.
Anyway! The CCDC gathering Saturday was a great success for us and our fellow dance lovers.
Showcase dancers from URI - love those college students. 
Adrienne Haslet-Davis shared more than just her dancing. She went through hell to get beyond the Boston bombing.
Best song of the night - Olde Cape Cod as a Samba.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another season

Should have known DWTS started.  They wait two weeks after SYTYCD finishes.
I had noticed a bit of press, but not enough to penetrate. A facebook pal alerted me to what my DVR knew.
I wasn't expecting much - 13 contestants including Betsey Johnson, Tavis Smiley and Tommy Chong, but what a fun show again, still.
A train wreck dance can be entertaining. Usually, they protect the stars, but this time Betsey Johnson was determined. She had to have her feather boa! Afterwards her clownish makeup just added to the glorious debacle. And she made it through! A cartwheel and
a split at age 72 is worth at least one more week.
The South Africans lost. She, a hurdler just choked.  Hopefully they will keep the handsome black pro.
Some excellent dancing as well.  I'm still hooked.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Went to the new Woody Allen movie, "Magic in the Moonlight" my kind of movie. Joe fell asleep a couple of times. Dancing was very minor - set in 1928, there was a ball, but no trained dancers.
The only showing was at 9:20, so we went out ahead of time, tried the neighborhood Cotuit restaurant/bar, Kettle Ho, fish sandwich, very loud, left kind of quickly, so we were early and saw the ads before the movie including Jasmine from last season of SYTYCD with her deodorant commercial. I hope she made a ton of money. She is certainly a better dancer than any of them from this last season. I didn't even review the finale. The judges pick favorite dances, and the ones they picked were ones teen girls maybe liked.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lestyn October 4 et al

This coming month, a 50th anniversary for Lestyn Gilmore, the wonderful ballroom teacher from Taunton, my colleague in Dance Teachers club of Boston, will send Joe and me to Occasions instead of running a dance at the Conservatory. The JazzFest people will be pleased that the parking lot will be theirs.
I hope people choose to get out on the following weekend, Columbus Day, October 11, for dancing with us.
Meanwhile, the dance at St Barnabas will be the first Saturday, November 1, All Souls Day. That will be a weekend with a lot of competition. At least the Cotuit Arts Center party is Friday, truly Halloween. No theme announced yet.
Noticed George Gritzbach announced on the Beach House message board for Sunday, hopefully early again. The summer hours were too much for us on a Sunday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

floor refinished

Very Exciting!
Indeed we are thrilled to have a shiny smooth floor at the Cape Cod Dance Center.