Friday, August 29, 2014

Finally they can dance!

The SYTYCD season has seemed flat to us without a standout dancer to set the bar and inspire the rest.
This last Wednesday, a night without an elimination, the choreographers were inspired to work with these four young people. gives a  clean stream of the dances, and you can stop watching rather than listen to Mary Murphy and Nigel. Guest judge Jesse Ferguson spoke well. My computer isn't fast enough.
Opening number, created by our favorite, Travis Wall, was done to "The Wind Beneath my Wings", a great sentiment for the show's concept of the dancers supporting each other even as they compete.
Zack and Jessica danced Broadway with Argentine Tango elements to go with Ella Fitzberald's version of Hernando's Hideaway, lyrics on top of the Tango classic, Cumparsita,  for the show "Pajama Game."
I noticed Ricky least, though I know he is a fantastic dancer. Maybe because he is so small and thin or perhaps because his best number was badly lit for him, allowing him to disappear grey into grey while his pro partner was ll in white as an angel.
Two tap dancers in the finale must mean something. We guess the winner will be tapper Zack, not Valerie whose arms still flop a bit.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer Choreography Project 2014

Last night at the Cape Cod Dance Center, we saw Ali Kenner Brodsky whose solo brought the tears to my eyes immediately. Titled "Between", it brings us immediately into a place of tension and fear, the state of fighting cancer, which took the composer of the music she used, and has weakened her mother these past few years.
The other professional dancer, Meghan Carmichael, had a much lighter piece, centering on fruit, young love, and a knowing observer.
The student work was also lovely, all contemporary, focusing on the intent of the dancers rather than the pure form of ballet. We saw young dancers enjoying themselves, with much of the show their own choreography.
And home to the next batch of company.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The head

Should stay on straight.
Unless you're trying to be ingratiating. Ronald Reagan used to cock his head to the side. I see it in photos of me. And in my Waltz, Ron tells me. Hold the sway within the body.
Taking the muscular approach, I will try strengthening the sides of my neck. Becoming aware of that area may be the key to success.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Glam & Glitz?

The website said glam and glitz were back every Friday - a Disco at Ballymeade - ladies free entrance until 10 PM, cover charge $10. Hmmmm.
Luckily Dawn talked me into trying it out. The 16x20 foot floor is smooth and clean, beer is $5, the music was not too loud, and the DJ did play our request, granted it was "Blurred Lines" which he knew he would have to play it sometime, I'm sure. He didn't know it's a great cha cha.
The food looked nice. The menu said Native Grill. The organizer calls himself Johnny Wampanoag and is head chef at Roche Brothers. Lobster roll for $17, Chicken Caesar $9.
We wonder if it will be a success. Ballymeade is way off the beaten path.The three most important factors for a restaurant's success: location, location, location.
Perhaps a Disco can be somewhat hidden. From the parking lot you wouldn't even know it was there.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Exhausted August

Classes are winding down in preparation for a summer break.
A great time to have the Cape Cod Dance Center floor refinished!
And while we're at it, the outdoor floor gets another coat.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Wind at the Falmouth Historical Society

Their first (hopefully) gala event with tents, appetizers, dance floor, band, and open bar went over beautifully.
The weather cooperated.
$50 per person seemed reasonable to us, knowing what gets spent just for a dinner with drinks at a restaurant, especially with the caliber of the caterers: Roland, Eat Your Heart Out, Atria Woodbriar, La Cucina Sur Mare, with the addition of a cheese and cracker with fruit table. Plus we got to chat with Roland!
The Chamber of Commerce must have been pleased to have their 100th anniversary so splendidly celebrated.
Solon Z and the Sapphires brought in about 20 musicians. The first half of the show featured songs of Frank Sinatra, pretty danceable, though of variable speeds at times. Historically, Frank Sinatra did not sing for the dancers. After the break, one of the singers from NYC did a lively skat number. Solon Z suggested we put our dancing shoes on. As a non-dancer, he just meant, "This one is going to be Fast!"
I love our dance floor - no trouble with any stickiness. Turns and spins worked beautifully. The lawn was not completely flat, so we spent more time than usual with shims and blocks, and still had some high spots.
The open bar was not crowded. Drinking responsibly seems to be the norm with our age group, just enough to get folks out onto the dance floor. Jay Zavala, president of the Falmouth Chamber, (I always see his picture in the paper) danced well.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rhodes-on-the Part II

A well planned trip, including not expecting much out of the bands, resulted in good fun.
Google Maps found the location. A car full of people who had all been there before kept track of landmarks. We had all gotten lost going there before.
The enormous ballroom is newly refinished floor with a thick coat of the stuff that goes on bar tops, some kind of poured urethane. A slight odor remained. Several large indents near the stairs resulted from bubbles, no doubt. We think they couldn't sand the old floor again because they would have hit nails.
Lois, local dance teacher, was particularly disappointed in the consistency of the surface which is too slow for proper ballroom dancing. She brought talc for the bottoms of her shoes, fearing the strain on her knees. As a venue, she says, it would be excellent for a true competition, expect for that soft floor finish.
As for myself, I found it tiring, but not dangerous. My muscles were sore and I welcomed the Dance and Stretch class I hold Wednesdays

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxcet in August

This was my favorite event of the year, 3 years ago. The beautiful ballroom, good friends, our own food, lovely view, and different bands, courtesy of the Providence Federation of Musicians.
My grandchildren took off for the day, visiting friends, so I will bake and dress up a bit without Sloane's help. She does love to fuss over what to wear. Pink, mostly.
We will hope for rumbas from those mostly Swing bands, having reviewed International Rumba last night in class, a seminar. Thanks, Ron, for teaching Fan, Hockey Stick, Sliding Doors, Turkish Towel, Rope Spinning and all the rest of the twist and spirals.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Such beautiful weather we have been having, but this weekend when I set up for an outdoor dance, the rain is heading our way - the radar screens show enormous green and yellow clouds.
Maybe tomorrow.
Or not at all.
Next week, the Falmouth Historical Society will use our floor for a gala for the Chamber of Commerce. That's a $50 a ticket event and includes "Bite Stations" with the excellent local caterers, open bar, and Solon Z and the Sapphires band. They have a tent and lovely indoor space as well. A good deal and local Falmouth dignitaries.