Thursday, August 29, 2013

Longtime students

I love working with people over the years. I really get to know their learning styles, and I can apply new teaching skills acquired since I saw them last.
Finally zeroed in on the learning skill of the one fellow - "visual kinetic" is like the opposite of my always trying to explain with words - a wonder he didn't give up on me.
And to find that attending to the partnership connection (AGAIN) makes the steps they learned really work - priceless!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another FCTV Show: "Dance Venues"

The first summer TV show I have done features places to go dancing on Cape Cod - a personal sampling.
Plenty of footage at Betsy's Ballroom, so I plugged upcoming events there with samples: for First Fridays, Christine Harvey and Steve Burke demonstrating the step she taught last winter; for the upcoming Celebration of Dance September 21, showcase footage of young dancers; and for the Mary French Scholarship Benefit October 19, the MIT ballroom team showcase from 2011.
I got Stage Door Canteen at Trowbridge Tavern, a nice venue on third Thursdays.
The Cape Cod Conservatory lets me host dances in Falmouth once a month - forgot to get footage of my alternate venue, St Barnabas - oh well.
A portable dance floor can be put down any number of places in the summer. I missed footage at Falmouth Town Dance, but got the August evening at Wood Lumber.
A listing of studios and websites might help people get out, too.
In the opening 30 seconds, watch for budding ballerinas, my granddaughter, age 4, and her friend, and in the closing section, my grandson, age 1, as a "really mean tiger".

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Choreography Project 2013

Cape Cod Dance Center's Eveline Carle hosted a great set of dancers Saturday night. Her effort to showcase different dancers and styles included a radical ballerina on pointe with tatoos from Providence Festival Ballet, North Indian classical dance by Pandit Chitresh Das, two excellent solos by Providence modern dancers, Intimations Dance beautifully in sync, and TIDES Dance Company, as well as the studio girls.
My granddaughter, whose bed time is 7 PM, stayed until 9:30 to watch it all, including the Q&A afterwards. Of course, her mother was one of the dancers - the third on the program, so Sloane could have gone home, but why bother when you're 5 years old and so seldom allowed to stay up?
My husband enjoyed it, too. Beautiful women, after all, and not terribly pretentious as dance can be. His comment was he hadn't realized how muscular modern dancers are. Yes, dancers train hard.
A video preceded the dances, so our arrival ten minutes early seemed late, and we got some of the last seats in the house. A new raised audience viewing platform worked well!

Friday, August 16, 2013

August Thursday

I set out early for Pilates with my favorite instructor, this time at the Mashpee Rehab & Fitness, over in the Health neighborhood of Mashpee, unfortunately More expensive - all part of the price gouging that is part of our health system, but a nice full class of ladies who are members or get classes as part of their health plan.
Second dance stop was the TV show, Dance Venues on Cape Cod - an incomplete report. That should be ready to go on air to promote the fall programs.
In the evening, a Parents of the Bride couple with enough talent to join the community, if they fall in love with dance. For now, a few private lessons to hook them in, I hope.
Finally, I met Joe at the Trowbridge where Stage Door Canteen had not attracted a big crowd. More room on the dance floor!
The grandchildren come back today, the lovely Sloane and her brother, two year old Menace, adorable Ian. They take up my mornings, blog time. If you miss me.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Wednesday dance

First there's the viewing of SYTYCD on DVR, a joy with the top ten. Loved the choreographers this week, except maybe Jean Marc Genereau who clowns around too much, not letting us see any of his actual input into the cha cha.
At night, I teach Intermediates, a good group, keeping on even through August!
Prep for September's Quickstep:
1. Gotta get the heel/toe leads figured out!
2. Ladies have to move, too; not just get moved.
So we clean up Waltz and Foxtrot, and while we're at it, they can learn more twinkles, a favorite phenomenon.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The panicked bride

Today, Erin called because their song, "You Are the One" has three distinct tempo changes - reason to panic. Her fellow's confidence had plummeted, and the wedding is Friday.
There really wasn't time to do much, so they will start with the hugging sway, as expected, and then they were able to do a box to the rhythmic section - add a turn for her, nothing fancy, but with almost two minutes to fill, a couple of turns, a cuddle and release. Since that all worked, she asked for a "dip", and he was happy to support her pose.
When the music slows down again, the wedding party will join them, and they are free to do whatever, surrounded by family for the last 30 seconds.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rumba to Salsa

I have taught this progression before, but this time seemed the most successful. For six weeks of hot humid weather, I gave the Intermediates different pieces of Rumba, reviewing the box, adding the Latin diamond, getting them to blend in one dance. I taught style one night and step variations another, depending on who came to class. Intermediates are a mixed bunch, and can be difficult to teach, encouraging one couple and challenging another! Everyone should have a good time.
Finally the weather cooled down, and for a final class last night, I chose faster songs, taught a couple of characteristic Mambo/Salsa moves, and they danced to Mambo #5, Perez Prado and Lou Bega versions back to back. Looking good!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Outdoor Dance

I want at least one every summer.
And I got the summer night on film.
Dancers graced the floor.
Music filled the air.

Swallows swiftly flew, swooping and scooping up mosquitoes.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Set up

Student Appreciation Dance set up in the Wood Lumber shed. Students helped set up!
This is going to be very cool. Looking forward to seeing the locals that haven't come for a while.
 As usual I have no idea how many, but parking will be No Problem!
Another beautiful night.