Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Choreography on SYTYCD

The opening number was stunning. Choreographers were Sonya with the wild eye make-up and the lip stud working with Dimity Chapman who was reprimanded by Nigel for making a ballroom number too jazzy.
Sonya had two other numbers this week too.
I get tired after about an hour and a half, so the closing numbers didn't impress me. They were small groups of 7 each. The injury for Curtis meant he didn't dance before being eliminated. Some sort of show of elimination since surely they knew they'd be letting him go at the beginning of the show. Last week, Nigel faulted his shoulder strength - before the shoulder was even injured?
Dancers voted off were both tap dancers, but we still have Aaron who seems to be a fan favorite - big man. I voted this week to keep the lovely Jasmine - we don't get dark skinned women enough on the show, as well as her fabulous dancing. Amy seems better trained, but as Nigel pointed out,she and Fik-shun are not changing character at all - choreographers' fault really, but still.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Slaudry's Dance Studio

Latest video from my son features Sloane and Audrey running a dance studio for stuffed aminals (sic).
The invasion of Ian in a cheetah costume distrupts the recital. Clare steals his hat, but not his hammer.
I'll shoehorn it in so that my FCTV show to promote the scholarship fund will have more dancing children!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flipside at the Bog

The lovely deck behind the excellent restaurant on MacArthur Boulevard (Rte 28, Bourne) was not crowded. Where were the people who used to fill the tiny Moonakis Cafe to listen to Chris Locasio on keyboard, Melissa Weidman on bass guitar and vocals, & Todd Johnson on harmonica? A new drummer filled out the band with a mellow sound.
We brought old friends, neighbors of the Locasios, fans of the good food, non-dancers, so we were the only ones to stand up and fill the space in front of the band. Swing to a Keb Mo number and Foxtrot to "Showshine Boy", a tune from the 1920s. A balmy night - later in the season, indoor entertainment will make for a different feel.
My plan to fill my chicken coop with chicks from the Barnstable County Fair, closing night, meant we left after the first set.
Sweet little gray Barred Rock babies are in a box with a light for heat.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Blu-print and Mariah - Bye!

The dancers' names eliminated from SYTYCD. Good dancers, and they may show up on stage on Cape Cod some day, probably not. I was fine with their elimination, and happy to have the show continue with some stellar partnerships. I love watching Jasmine, so tall, and paired with Aaron who can pick her up, no problem. Also, Jenna, the ballroom dancer who is going to own a cupcake shop with her sister, keeping up with Tucker, a personal favorite of mine. Amy and Fik-shun got to do their own choreography, then Tice got the credit - what's up with that? He must invest money in the show.
I appreciate the SYTYCD stage much more after watching the show at the Cape Playhouse where I saw a leap that could have gone much farther. Avoiding the singer sharing the stage was another problem, and several times they seemed about to fall into the audience.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Twist that Ballroom Show

We were among the loudest in the crowd last night at Cape Playhouse, Dennis. Kudos to Louis Van Amstel for a show with a lot of variety. Adding in American Idol singers broke up what can be "too much dancing", to quote my 6 year old self. SYTYCD Contemporary and Hip Hop dancers changed the feeling on the small stage for a bit, too.
Where was Legacy? - no explanation given. Instead, Tristan McManus and Anna Trebunskaya were joined by Ashley Costa who was in town on vacation, and had to have her shoes fed-exed. Pro teacher on DWTS, she was saddled with Buzz Aldrin. She also did the best commentary on some show I watched. I expect they invited her to add star quality.
Allan Genkin was one I now realize I had seen on TV, the winner of a "Ballroom Battle", presented as part of DWTS, a ringer who showed up at Cheryl's studio without a partner and blew everyone else away. His kicks and flicks were incredible. Super exciting Jive.
Costumes by Randall Designs in LA. They do DWTS and were a real feature on the short-lived series "Ballroom Bootcamp", a half hour show a few years back. Not unbearable sexy, instead, they were flattering, an improvement on the last Ballroom stage show I saw, the Australian version of Burn the Floor.
I thought the show would be in the building that houses Cape Cinema, the one with the Rockwell Kent ceiling, but instead it was a more typical summer stock theater - uncomfortable seats, lots of old wood framing. My seat had limited visibility, but I was able to switch at intermission.  Now, I miss Falmouth Playhouse again, though it burned down in 1994 - was burned, they say, for iunsurance.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Heat Waves

Got to love playing with little children in the pond. The fearless two-year-old boy goes underwater without fear - Watch That Child!
Now, we may be able to think again (assuming thought is part of our brain  pattern) with some cooler weather.
Dance students managed to enjoy classes without A/C- no Swing or Cha cha. You can stroll about the room in Foxtrot, or work out a slowish Rumba figure that can be speeded up once we have the energy again. Instant Salsa!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


The Gershwin show at CLOC, "My One and Only", opened with:
"I'll pay the piper - When times are riper;
Just now I shan't - Because you see
I'm dancing and I can't be bothered now!"
Several of the tap dance routines were terrific, and the audience was very appreciative.
The partnered dancing was just sort of okay, off to the side.
It's the singing that people go for. Falmouth does have a lot of singing groups.
The 1983 writing, constucted around the songs that whoever it was could get the rights to use, used phrases that did not belong in 1927, Lindberg's flight, such as "shit-for-brains", humph.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's just that the two very absorbing grandchildren are here for another stay - this time, their parents will both leave, one to take a course in teaching Physics, the other to dance in Vermont.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Stage Door Canteen @ Betsy's

Many compliments for the band. The dancers down Cape appreciated having the full sound for a change, and the girl singer is great. Only thing was the floor was quite crowded, right to the end! Even the Viennese had a creditable showing.
The dances that didn't move in line of dance - Hustle, Rumba, etc worked better. I guess I'd have like a bit more structure for West Coast Swing - somebody deciding which way the slots should go.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Dance for CCBD

CC this and CC that - Conservatory, Dance Center , Ballroom Dancers...
Anyway, tonight, we make the trek to Betsy's to a "semi-formal", a change from the Beach Party, the last time CCBD had a summer dance and I wore shorts. Tonight, a pretty dress.
In the early years, the club went into Summer Mode with all volunteers too busy with company. I applaud the effort and will socialize while Joe does his dance host thing. A bit of video for the Venues show.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cape Cod July, 2013

Guests are part of the joy of lvivng in our wonderful area.
But they take up a lot of time.
I did escape to run a (tiny) dance at the Conservatory on Sunday and three very good classes at the Cape Cod Dance Center this week. Students for Thursday's private lesson - polka - turned out to be talented in spite of their low expectations for themselves. The Dance & Stretch has not found its clientele yet.
The heat also sapped our energy - some releif today.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Other activities

Can't always be dancing, so doing stuff like entertaining company at the pond, walking to Falmouth Fireworks, admiring the glow of fireworks in the fog recharges my batteries.
The project - writing up the International Rumba steps in comprehensible language.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer dances

Indeed, my dance this Sunday, on the night off for the College Light Opera Theater, across the parking lot that they rent along with the theater. My rent is miniscule, though my use is also very small - three hours a month, three hours which are not available in August. The first Sunday in August is a CLOC orchestra performance in the Recital Hall, followed by a reception for supporters and friends. Damn!
I am wondering about an outdoor party for August. The Farmer's Almanac says once this thunderstorm weather pattern ends, we will have dry weather.
Our property? Parking? Invitations? Saturday, August 3?
Meanwhile, I plan for July 13 at Betsy's. Maybe we'll get to Occasions with Lestyn July 27 or August 17. I've never been there. Didn't Rhodes have a summer event with musicians last year?