Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sturgis School

I did not realize that Sturgis has been in Hyannis for 18 years! The school thriving, growing to another campus over near the Melody Tent.
Our dance program is a great success. Denise Hyer, former Arthur Murray teacher(like myself and Debbie Israel) got a great formula. Juniors and Seniors get actual credit through something called CAS - Creativity, Action, & Service, and we had mostly Seniors.
I started them easy, with Merengue. They could handle more, but it was a big class and I wanted to get to know them. 2 more weeks only! Open hold, closed hold, a few turns, a lot of partner changing, even if you're dating someone. Rumba box, in the style of the independent studios. And 45 minutes was over.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Aloha Hawaii

What a very pleasant state. Hawaii does not disappoint, especially if you want to see natural wonders. Joe loved the driving slowly, every turn another wonderful scene. We stopped a lot, too, which was better for our legs, equilibrium, and state of mind.
Actually, the wind did not cooperate for Joe's water sport, windsurfing, so I did less on my own, only finding one hula class while he went on a helicopter ride.We danced for 45 minutes after they spent 45 minutes chatting and making arrangements for the next show - very authentic. The littlest old lady was better than the teacher. Then I sat in the shade and waited for the adventurer.
Saturday night, we attended a dance at the Maui Cultural Center - a smallish venue, made odd by being split into two studios, one of which featured the salsa lesson - very crowded, easy stuff. We didn't need to get to know the crowd, so we danced in the other, almost empty studio with its own music. Lots of West Coast Swing and signs up saying not to copy the playlist. I did check out one song. He'll never know.
Finally on the Big Island, in between visits to the volcano, I found lessons at the Elks Hall in Hilo, a great space, high ceilings, roomy, fans, and a room in back for a bar. Beginner East Coast Swing was taught by a man who admonished the students Not To Talk and Not To Do Any Steps Except Those Taught.
I found a single lady who had been hoping for West Coast Swing, and we went out back so as to avoid bothering that teacher. The evening included three 40 minute classes in 2 hours, so we took Intermediate Hustle from a different set of teachers. She was new to Hustle and didn't really catch on, especially since we were given a difficult step. A grapevine in 3 beat made for odd timing. Or we could do the cross body he taught the week before.
Finally, the same teachers presented the V-6 in Quickstep. My new friend gave up, but I did get a petite lady whose private teacher has no trouble putting her through this sometimes mind-boggling step. With my less certain lead, she did not always make it. I wouldn't have minded if she had taken herself a bit.
Then I went over to the $1.75 movie theater where Joe was only halfway through "Cloud Atlas". Fun!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bistro 36 Friday nights for 2013 winter

An easy night out, satisfying activity - not that expensive with a yummy salad,  pizza and a dessert, all shared, at the bar, even with wine and the tip for the musicians.
The duo Too Cool features a great singer, guitarist, and drum/bass machine enjoying themselves at a pleasant volume. They were Felonious Funk until this year when the drummer dropped out. The little black machine takes up less space anyway.
The tiny dance floor in front of the band was smooth tile and big enough for two couples to do salsa, or, as it happened, one couple salsa dancing and others doing their separate dances, as usual.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Moves Like Jagger

I've been sort of fascinated by that song "Moves Like Jagger" since I never thought of Mick Jagger as a dancer I wanted to watch, but lord knows he's a phenomenon, an institution, even. So with that fun song,  something should work.
On youtube, there were some pretty generic line dances.
With the time off teaching, I went to Michelle Colley's highly choreographed class in Hyannis, and there it was! Lots of Jagger moves fitting in beautifully - the strut, the pointing finger, etc.
Now I figure out how to use them. Simplifying would be a good project.