Sunday, September 23, 2012

NBRDWEEK at Betsy's

In a touch of irony, Joe and I ate at the Food Court in the Mall (his choice) before going to the festivities at Betsy's Ballroom. We all miss the event being at the mall, and the TV was still there unnoticed, paid for by some Japanese company that didn't want any distractions, or so the story went. Food was still pretty bad, so I went to the smoothie place and asked them if they could make something not too sweet. The Brazilian said numbre 11, 12 or 13, but I noticed they were hailed as low calorie, so I asked about Splenda. Luckily an American girl was there to check that. I was right and ended up having 4 Seas ice cream for dinner.

Anyway, we got there at 7:40, in time to set up the camera before any showcases.
Debbie's people looked pretty good, not that I can really tell in the little screen on my camera. I'm just keeping them in the frame. I will check out the performances later when I copy and edit for the local access TV show.
The brother and sister team were very cute, younger and not as polished as last year's teens.
The MIT couple did American Smooth with all the arm work. We love it.
I was a bit hoarse from trying to talk over the music - lots of good friends - but got my three sentences out along with the scholarship money.
I filmed everybody else after the ceremonies were over, but then Joe's back hurt and it was time to get him home.

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