Saturday, November 28, 2009

Camera Work

I never said how disappointed I was in the film footage from the Mary French Memorial Dance.
I begin to appreciate professional camera work, work that I took for granted or felt free to criticize, work that disappears if done properly.
More planning is a first step because it doesn't just happen, especially if you can't do it yourself.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Close up is the person dancing, one self.
The camera pulls back, and we see a partner.
And the dance floor has other couples.
Outside the floor are the band and people watching.
The building encloses the party.
The community supports the group.
All are dancing in time, in a season, within the year.
The holiday season is a time to reflect on how we work together to make the dance.
(I think this is a draft of a poem.)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

TV Dance

Last night I was switching back and forth with two dance shows at the same time. Ed Simon did a good job with teaching foxtrot to the talented young people on SYTYCD.
The ballroom costumes are the nicest ones. I didn't see why the girl being a blackbird should wear a bikini. I also find the empire waistline on a shortie nightgown distracts from the body movement rather than adding to it, but that seems to be a favorite look. Who picks their costumes anyway?

Meanwhile, they finally figured out the send off on DWTS, a favorite performance for the eliminated star, and I hope Joanna Krupa enjoyed doing her waltz again. It had very high production levels - drapes of shiny light blue silk to accent the celestial music of "Alleluia". I suppose they might even have told her ahead of time. They had to tell the stage manager.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Physics of Dance

Physics is there, constrained by our bodies'limitations, but part of the celebration of our joy at being here, and if the physics teacher can relate to action and reaction through the Sugar Push, great.
Meanwhile, I go into how the body works, still studying through classes in body conditioning, Pilates being the best grounded that I have found.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Big weekend

We had not just the once a year event, Swing dancers descending on Cape for 3 days, but also Johnny Hoy at the Landfall and a Dance Teachers Club of Boston meeting.

At Swingin' New England, it was nice to see Blake Hobbie back and competing again. She used to be a Kindergarten teacher and is now the mother of a two year old, so she's gone through some changes - good ones I expect. She was wondering what had possessed her to dye her hair red and cut it shorter than most men. I'd like to see the old video of her dancing with Bill Cameron. I remember it as magical, while her piece with Michael Kielbasa this year was not the winning number. Arjay, violinist in a previous life, was just the best.

The Landfall in Woods Hole closes soon, so they seem to be interested in involving the community. No cover with that great band was a nice surprise.

DTCB featured Tibor Karalekas, Hungarian champion turned owner of Supershag in Waltham, teacher of the year at the Yankee classic, bringing in the most competitors, his ladies, none of whom said they wanted to compete when they started.
"Keep them calm by talking to them," he advised. Many teachers really like to talk - he certainly does.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Memories and trends

Entertainment places come and go. The Sons of Italy has not been a dance hall forever. Before they took up ballroom dancing, Mary French used to hold parties at her studio. In the late 80s she decided to let the hall take over that work.
The other Italians in town, Frank and Mary Christiani at the Rof-Mar Diplomat Club in Sandwich resented the newcomers, but eventually they worked it out to Fridays at the Sons of Italy, and Saturdays at the Rof-Mar. Then the Rof-Mar property was bought out to become luxury condos on the lake with a clubhouse.
We wonder what will become of the property on Route 28. Luxury condos are a glut on the market. Perhaps we will learn tonight at the Last Dance!